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Hello, I am Fabio B. Forgione, CEO and founder of Piotar Boa.

It is not simple to explain in two words, who we are, what we have done and what we can do for you, your brand and your business. Let me try...

Piotar Boa from a small company, today it is considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of Digital Marketing and Augmented Reality: new technology that is forever changing the way to interact between users and the digital content on the web and on social sites like Facebook and Instagram.

If you continue to read you will know why it was the guest of Facebook in London, as it has to be among the first in the world to use the platform AR Studio (now Spark AR Studio), the project on the Periscope, his experience in a radio in Milan, the international conference in Prague for the first AR Fest with Johwska and Marc Wakefield, until the victory of a Start-Up Weekend...

I know it may seem strange, but what you read is all true and documented either on the web, on social. Have a good read.


Fabio B. has the good fortune to be among the first in the world to download and become one of the few Beta Tester of the revolutionary app Twitter: "Periscope".


In short it becomes one of the "live streamers" the most loved and followed and in August 2015 he decides to give life to a new project: something useful that would help the talented people on the web that they did not have the economic resources to emerge.


The project is called "Piotar Boa" and together with its tricolour heart and its "hat" becomes a worldwide success: more than 100 emerging artists from around the world have been promoted and helped by the talented and generous "Top Followers" of Piotar Boa.


Thanks to this experience, Piotar Boa becomes known and appreciated throughout the world of "Live streaming" and "Digital marketing".



June 2017 a colleague marketer American reports Piotar Boa that Facebook is looking for beta testers for his project of "augmented reality" called the "AR Studio". Fabio B. sent the application via e-mail without having the slightest hope of being taken.


Hours 1.16 AM of August 24: here comes the notification that he will remember for the rest of his life. Facebook had chosen, and put into a secret group of about 600 people from all over the world, to work on a project "top secret" on the augmented reality.

Started a new adventure...




The September 6, 2017 Piotar Boa is one of the first in the world to have a filter in augmented reality on camera Facebook: multinational companies and famous personalities can have only many months la ter.Great satisfaction!


After about 4 months of hard work, Facebook decides to open it to the public platform and publicly thank those who had distinguished themselves most in the group for ideas, and that they had contributed to the development and growth of the platform.


Fabio B. Forgione is named among the Top Contributors along with such other talented colleagues as Marc Wakefield, Ray Chung, Jamie Poole, Allen Wixted, Álvaro De Mora Taberner, Dylon Fiala. Marcos Trinca, Ep Cheng, Snehal Dhruve, Alberto Linares.



Along with the famous radio announcer David Cisini (aka CISO) we conducted for two seasons in a radio broadcast on the Silver Music Radio. For about an hour we talked "live" about social media and technology and all the latest news from the world of the web. A little gem: David Cisini (as a radio speaker) and Silver Music Radio (such as radio) were the first in Europe to have a filter in augmented reality on Facebook. Obviously made by Piotar Boa.



Two days of "healthy competition" organised by Facebook in its headquarters in London. One of the international events on the augmented reality the most important organized by the giant of Mark Zuckerberg. Among the 15000 candidates have been selected 70, and it was a huge honor to be among the Creators of this event. Here you can find only a few photos, but on my YouTube channel you can find a beautiful video. Great honor to have known live the company and some of its representatives such as: Chris Barbour, David Hall, Chris Price, Matt Roberts, Julia Ognieva. Happy to have known for the first time live colleagues how to: Pawel Jarko (LensThat), Marc Wakefield, Alberto Linares, Jerzy Pilch , and many others, with whom I had only spoken to via chat or on Facebook. Fantastic experience. Thanks Facebook!

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